Tommy Black and the Coat of Invincibility Released

January 30, 2016

I’m happy to announce that the second volume of the Tommy Black series, Tommy Black and the Coat of Invincibility, is now available. You can buy it directly from Amazon or at multiple locations in paperback.

In the new book, Tommy finds himself searching for magical artifacts and fighting Nazi magicians in World War 2 Europe.

Dedicated to reshaping his family’s legacy, Tommy Black has spent two years mastering the powerful Staff of Light and freeing the magical creatures in England. While he was focusing on his personal mission, however, Germany had invaded Europe, igniting the flames of world war.

Desiring to help, Tommy volunteers to free the magical creatures in Germany to disrupt the Nazi war machine. Joined by his friend, the powerful magician Naomi, and two others, the group soon discover an extraordinary secret that changes everything–Tommy may not be the only Archmage in the world.

Book 3, Tommy Black and the Cup of Jamshid, will be released in Fall 2016.


The Guildmaster Thief Omnibus 1 Released

January 28, 2016

Guildmaster Thief omnibus 1 cover-200x320The first Omnibus edition of the Guildmaster Thief series has been released. It collects the first four ebook novellas in my epic fantasy series about Ralan and the city-state of Ness. The book can be purchased via Amazon in both ebook and print format.

Omnibus 2 is scheduled to be released in Fall 2015, collecting books 5-8. The series is scheduled to run well into the future, as readers learn more about Ness and the mysterious history of the guilds that rule the city.


I’ve had the idea for a truly epic series told via smaller stories since I read two things at nearly the same time: The indie graphic novel Cerebus and the Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe. Both take a look at individuals and smaller scale events and slowly build them into epic stories that sweep the reader up. My goal was to do something layered in similar fashion.

Each book in The Guildmaster Thief series will be a novella of 15 to 25 thousand words and will be priced at 99 cents. Each of these novellas will be a stand-alone story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Every set of four novellas will be collected into an omnibus edition that will be 80 to 100 thousand words and will be priced at $2.99. Each omnibus will have a complete larger story arc that connects that various subplots running through the individual novellas. So these will be true stand-alone novels, in addition to novella collections.

Finally, the series is meant to extend for a very long time. There are currently three major epic story arcs that cover the history of the Ness city-state and will take multiple novels to discover and resolve. I will add more. There are hints of this larger history snuck into every book, with book 3 having the most. This is a series where random details in book 3 may show up as major plot points in book 12.

In short, The Guildmaster Thief is a complex undertaking combining short action adventure stories with an epic background of a city-state that is facing decay, revolution, and rebirth. There will be multiple characters through the series that take up the mantle of individual novellas.Blade of the Guildmaster is a great example, as it features Maela, a guildmember introduced in book 2, and Guildmaster Ralan doesn’t make an appearance at all.

Guildmaster Thief series released

July 12, 2015

The first two volumes of Jake Kerr’s new Guildmaster Thief series were released this week. The Guildmaster Thief tells the story of young Ralan Miller, a street rat who rises to become the guildmaster of Ness’ underworld. As the series progresses, readers will delight in Kerr’s rich mix of political intrigue, swashbuckling adventure, secret societies, and heroic feats.

Book One is The Guildmaster Thief, and is available for free at all major ebook retailers. Book two is Crossing the Bridge, and is available for $2.99 at the same locations. New volumes will be released every few weeks.

Links to download The Guildmaster Thief can be found here.
Links to buy Crossing the Bridge can be found here.


Short Interview With Me Up at Litpick

April 16, 2015 is a great site for kids and young adults to find exciting and new books. I was happy to see Tommy Black and the Staff of Light get a five star review there, and I’m even more excited that they’ve decided to showcase me and my book.

Celebrating the showcase, I’ve lowered the price of Tommy Black and the Staff of Light to 99 cents through Saturday night. I’ll have more details in a bit, but it is also going to be a featured deal at Buck Books tomorrow. Click here for the interview.

The Grace of Kings: Redefining The Epic

April 7, 2015

Grace_of_Kings_coverMake no mistake, Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings is the most important epic fantasy release since A Game of Thrones in 1996. Liu redefines epic fantasy in a way that is refreshing, compelling, and has been long overdue.

Ostensibly written in an Asian setting, the book itself is actually a combination of several building blocks, of which Asia is but the most overt one. As a novel, it would be a serious mistake to peg the book as an Asian version of Western fantasy. The cast of characters, which ebbs and flows over time with a few core protagonists, is much more reminiscent of Eastern European epics or Latin American family epics. The coming together and disruption of family in a time of traumatic change, so brilliantly explored in epics like One Hundred Years of Solitude, is just one part of The Grace of Kings.

Comparing The Grace of Kings to One Hundred Years of Solitude is a great jumping off point for what makes this book so original and compelling and, ultimately, a game changer for contemporary fantasy. Liu doesn’t play in the George R. R. Martin or J. R. R. Tolkien playground. His book is epic in the way of War And Peace more than A Song of Ice and Fire or The Lord of the Rings. He takes global events and illustrates how the people living within are just small pieces.

read more …

Selected Stories Released, Available For Free

March 22, 2015

Selected Stories - website HD copyOn March 21, Currents & Tangents Press released my debut short story collection, Selected Stories. The book is available at all the major online bookstores for $2.99, but you can receive the book for free by signing up for my mailing list via this link. Here’s the blurb:

Stories of space, love, loss, hope, and more are all part of this debut collection from multiple award-nominated author Jake Kerr. Featuring the best-selling novelette “The Old Equations,” these stories range from contemporary tales of innocence (“Looking For Bad Guys”) to the apocalyptic story that launched Kerr’s three linked stories in The Apocalypse Triptych (“Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince.”

A mixture of breathtaking science fiction and contemporary shorts, Selected Stories highlights Kerr’s position a leading practitioner in science fiction’s humanist tradition.

Table of Contents 

The Old Equations with an introduction by Hugh Howey
Finalist 2011 Nebula Award
Shortlist, 2011 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
Shortlist, 2011 StorySouth Million Writers Award

Not Hurt
Finalist, Wattpad SF short story contest

Requiem in the Key of Prose with an introduction by Ken Liu

The Sky Smells Blue Above the Clouds

Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince with an introduction by John Joseph Adams
The Year’s Best SF, edited by Gardner Dozois

Looking For Bad Guys

Perspective with an introduction by Brian White
Year’s best, Tangent Online


The Past Within with an introduction by Jake Kerr