A New Look And More

June 23, 2016

J.kerr mug with glasses b+w_thumbnailAfter a lot of thought, I’ve decided to simplify my website and be more active with my blog. My blog will be mostly casual updates and thoughts on a variety of things, some of them related to my fiction and others not at all.

While I will definitely provide updates on the blog, I won’t be highlighting them as big news headlines or leaving announcements in a special box. My goal is to make this kind of a casual place to hang out, share some thoughts, and listen to your comments if you have any.

If you would like to have the latest news about my upcoming releases, including sneak previews of the next Tommy Black and Guildmaster Thief books, then I recommend you sign up for my newsletter (and get a free book in the process). I include plenty of unique things there that you won’t find here, including amusing stories, free gifts, and, as I noted, sneak previews.

Thanks for reading!


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